About company

Galen IT was founded in 2020. The main direction of the company's development is the development and implementation of health monitoring technologies by instrumental and non-device methods in the field of insurance, industry and medicine. In 2021, a decision was made to merge with Flowcom - Cloud Solutions. Flowcom's solutions will continue to evolve both independently and as part of employee health and safety platforms.

Founders and management

The Galen IT team are professionals in the field of medicine and information technology.

Vladimir Nikitin


Doctor, entrepreneur, owner of a unique premium clinic in London (since 1996) and a clinic and pharmacy in Moscow (since 2003). Author of over 20 scientific articles.

Leonid Makharinsky


Ph.D., investor, entrepreneur, inventor (author of 6 US patents). Co-founder of Eagle Point Medica.



Invests in IT companies in the early stages with a focus on FinTech and InsurTech. It is part of the GEFIRA GROUP, founded in 2018 in Switzerland and operating in the field of investment, venture capital and consulting.

Stepan Lebedenko

Ph.D., PhD, IT expert in healthcare with 17 years of experience. Supervised the direction of creation and development of GMIS at Smart Delta Systems LLC.

Nicolay Trzhascal

An entrepreneur with international experience in creating and implementing complex solutions for B2B / C / G. Supervised the development of the MTS AI Center.

Dmitry Agapov

MBA, technology entrepreneur, 15 years of experience in creating, organizing and managing large service companies in the oil and gas sector (turnover over RUB 1.5 billion)



For insurance companies

The system of assessment, monitoring and prevention of health risks of the insured



A system for preventing risks and improving the quality of life of clients. Active longevity


Medical centers

Remote monitoring system for health indicators


Telemedicine platforms

SDK for mobile applications of telemedicine platforms


Private users

A system for the operational measurement of indicators of physical, cognitive and emotional state.



A system for monitoring the health and performance of operations and work by employees of enterprises, including the requirements of safety and labor protection